Q-1-22 Succession Planning Pulse

May 2, 2022

1:30 minute read

#BusinessSuccessionPlanning – “We Need A (Succession) Plan”

Q-1-22 tells us that 70% of private company executives say they will raise the price of their goods/services moving forward vs. only 42% of public company executives. That’s from recent research report, Insights from Private vs. Publicly Held Companies from over 1,100 executives in 40+ U.S. markets.

When we hear market trends and planning by certain executives from our favorite media sources it’s essential we realize private companies, and (independent) healthcare practices shouldn’t think and look like public, or, major companies, right?

There’s a difference in areas such as:

  1. Organization’s goals and strategies.
  2. Potential risks and approach to addressing these..
  3. Challenges for the coming year.
  4. Business concerns, people concerns.

Ask about how we approach succession planning from an advance insurance underwriting perspective.

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