Cyber Hygein – It’s What Employees Want

May 2, 2022

1:30 minute read

#Wellbeing #HR – Employee cyber hygiene?

68% of your employees are concerned about cyber security and their devices. What if there is one of the nation’s best recognized insurance carriers offering the solid security of #IDprotection and #cybersecurity combined, created to be a group benefit. Employer paid or as a voluntary benefit? Interested in knowing more?

“But we’ve seen this already.” This personal security solution is new for 2022, once an executive-level benefit now available to all employees. The first generation of this has quickly captured 70% of the personal ID Theft / Cyber Security market in the U.S…..and now the next generation solution is even better. Affordable, easy to administer, 24-7-365 live service.

For those employers that have seen this concern but hadn’t found a solution with the message, this one is for your organization. #Employers #letstalk

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