We are experienced insurance advisors and brokers who appreciate
the thought process of Leonardo da Vinci in our day-to-day practice.

Employer? Employee? Retiree? The questions are the same no matter who you are.

Discovery through great questions

About Joe Simon:

Joe is one the top 10% financial services and insurance advisor, brokers in the industry (per Million Dollar Roundtable Organization 2022-’23) and sought after resource with 30+ years of experience.

From founding partner of a Wisconsin-based insurance firm he successfully sold in 2012 after an 18 year run, public speaker and radio show host as well as insurance advisor-consultant with a major publicly-traded global insurance brokerage firm. Most recently  host of the Joe Simon (audio) Podcast, all focusing on Main Street USA,  closely-held organizations and their unique needs.

FOCUS | 3 Core Areas:

  • Executive Benefits (ExB): Income Incentives and Protection for Key-People
  • Employee Benefits & Corporate Protection: Analyzing essential Life & Disability, Long-term Care Insurances and Amounts
  • Wealth Transfer and Tax Beneficial Savings Strategies




2023 | Questions We Must Ask Today:

  • If you are a business owner or partner, do you have a succession plan that’s been updated since 2022?
  • You need more help with employee related issues in your business now more than ever, but can’t find the help?
  • If you are business owner/leader or partner, an employee or retiree wouldn’t it be great to have benefits that you didn’t lose money in after a market downturn?
  • What would it take to reduce or eliminate income taxes in a legitimate manner?
  • What if you could have your money work in more than one way for you; Helping you achieve financial and retirement success, for protection purposes as well? That sounds like a true benefit doesn’t it?
Did You Know the Federal Tax Rates Expire 12-31-25? Who’s talking to you about this? What Will Happen To these pre-2026 Tax Rates (Go Up, or, Down)?


With a $31+ TRILLION U.S. Debt We Certainly Are Now In Critical Times: It’s time to have answers to these real issues that touch each one of us. Right?  I’m excited to say help is on the way for you if you are seriously asking yourself about this right now. I’m cautiously optimistic, but there is work to be done, right now. In-concert with a great team of vendor-partners,  industry and academic resources that make up the DaVinci team approach and solutions, designed for Main Street USA leaders, and people just like you.

~ Joseph J. Simon, LUTCF  | Advisor, Broker, Principal

Our Services

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Creating a playbook that helps support the crucial factors when a business transitions from one (or more) stockholders to another isn’t easy. We provide consultation and facilitation of discussion with key people within the organization developing these plans from an advanced insurance underwriter perspective, often teaming with your legal and or accounting advisors.

Executive Benefits (ExB)

Executive Benefits (ExB)

All successful organizations have a few people who are the DNA of the culture. Thinkers, connectors, resilient talent with experience. Executive benefits can be twofold: To benefit the individual monetarily after a certain period of years and successes. Such as with a (non-qualified) deferred compensation plan. Or, the primary reason may be to protect the corporation from sudden loss of such a person, due to death of long term disability. And, sometimes it’s both. Incentivizing and rewarding, as well as protecting the corporation from loss. Working in concert with your attorneys, CPAs, and financiers.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Plan design, and cost management. Responsive service for employer and employees. Plus,  understanding and relevance of benefits today are all important.  However, compliance has now moved the front of the class. ‘High-touch and High-tech’ is an essential ingredient to our solutions. This commitment takes a team to provide heavy lifting for you and your human resources people. We have that team of subject matter experts ready to engage with you.

Success through measurable solutions

A History of Client Satisfaction

Our measurables. Creativity is nice, but we all realize execution with measurable results is the bottom-line. DaVinci Insurance Advisors, LLC believes in establishing clear targets with you. With expectations, due dates, projections and advancement of these efforts. Your approval is the final word. This results in our history of client satisfaction in the 90th percentile, as measured by the Million Dollar Roundtable Organization®, the industrygold standard.




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